A Contemporary Approach to Substance Use Disorders and Addiction Counseling


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Description "Written as an introduction to the field of addiction counseling, this text coversthe fundamental knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary to counselpeople who are struggling with addiction. Drs. Brooks and McHenry providea straightforward, compassionate, and holistic approach to treatment andrecovery, from the major theoretical underpinnings, to assessment anddiagnosis, to relapse prevention and spirituality. With a focus on currentclinical applications and how-tos, this book is ideal both for master s-leveladdictions courses and for mental health clinicians.Topics addressed include cultural and gender issues, including work withLGBT clients; drug classifications and referral; assessment, diagnosis, andinterview techniques; the continuum from nonuse to addiction; work incollege/university, school, and community/mental health agency settings;developmental approaches in treatment; the role of the family; grief andloss in addiction; group counseling; relapse and recovery; spirituality andsupport groups; addictions training, certification, and ethics; and theimportance of counselor self-care.Features A comprehensive review of how addiction occurs, is assessed, andtreated Information on the neurobiological aspects of addiction and importantupdates related to the DSM-5, trauma, and opiate treatment Case examples that bring substance abuse and addiction counselingto life Exploration questions and suggested activities in each chapter"

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